Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots Course by edX


If you want to learn the basic concepts for autonomous navigation with quadrotors, probabilistic state estimation, linear control, and path planning, and other concepts, edX is organizing a course related to the Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots.

You will learn how to infer the position of the quadrotor from its sensor readings, navigate along with a series of waypoints, and plan collision-free trajectories. The programming exercises will require you to write small code snippets in Python to make a quadrotor fly in simulation.

edX will provide a web-based quadrotor simulator that will allow you to test your solutions in simulation. However, they took special care that the code you will be writing will be compatible with a real Parrot Ardrone quadrotor. If you happen to have a Parrot AR-Drone quadrotor, we encourage you to try out your practical solutions.

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More information about this course HERE

More information on Python HERE

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